CEO’s Greeting

Welcome to SUNGYI's website

Bringing innovation under the goal of
"Indomitable Spirit of Challenge for the Healthy Life of Mankind"

SUNGYI Corp was established in 1997 by Tongkyu Jeon with the goal of global health and a prosperous life.
SUNGYI Corp launched SUNGYI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in 2011 in order to actively adapt a rapidly changing industrial environment.
SUNGYI Pharm has expanded bulk pharmaceuticals as a business to business company specializing in raw materials and medicines.
It has business in Europe, China, India, and other countries.
SUNGYI Pharm not only contributes to the healthy life for people by supplying high quality raw materials with a competitive price, but also to the development of the pharmaceutical industry by exporting excellent domestic medicines around the world.

SUNGYI BIO Co., Ltd was founded in order to challenge innovative product with our experiences.
We are constantly making an effort to develop innovative medicines that could save people suffering from diseases.
We will develop the best medicine under constant Research and Develop and Quality-first values
In addition, we will introduce the next level of products to people by producing dietary supplements and functional food at the management of pharmaceutical level.

“Indomitable Spirit of challenge for the Healthy Life of Mankind” is the eternal value of SUNGYI Group.
President and CEO Tongkyu Jeon